1.1 Using this website (Department of Umm Al Quwain eGovernment Department Website of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain) will be considered as an acceptance of the terms of this Agreement unconditionally.
Intellectual property rights:
1.2 All of the published information and material on the Department site, including but not limited to: texts, documents, graphs, and published information within linked files (published information) is one of the intellectual property rights saved by the e-government Department of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates.
2.2 The use of published information on the Department site is restricted on the personal using, conduct researches; search for information and / or only for educational purposes.
3.2 It is not allowance to use the published information on the Department site for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to: selling the published materials, or distribute it, or re-published it.
Guarantees and responsibilities limits:
3.1 The published information was set on the site "AS IS", Department of eGovernment of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain does not guarantee it’s correctness or accuracy.
3.2 The Department may modify or delete the published information without prior notice.
3.3 The department disclaims for any warranties either expresses or implied or both, and conditions related to the published information.
3.4 The department is not liable for any damages or injury of any kind whatsoever, which may caused, directly or indirectly, by the published information or from using of this site.
3.5 The department will not be liable for losing or damaging data, or computer systems as a result of using of the site or published material, also it disclaims any warranties either expresses or implied, including the clearance of Department site and / or server from viruses.
3.6 The users of the Department site are responsible for any damage occurring due to their use of the site, and they have to indemnify the Department in case of any damage or claim resulting from the use of the site or the published information.
4.1 The Department may insert links on its site from other sites and it not liable for those sites content or validity, and / or it don’t endorse the related sites validity (or any goods or services of those sites) and it doesn’t mean that there is cooperation between the Department and the site browser.
Electronic copies of the documents:
5.1 The electronic copies of the department’s documents published in the website are available for personal use, informational research, and/or educational reference only. The final copy of any document for the department is the original, printed, and signed copy which will be adopted if it was signed by an authorized person. In case of any difference between documents, then the copy which was maintained by the department will be preferable on all.
English and Arabic version
6.1 The Information will be published on the Department site in both Arabic and English, and if there is a difference between the Arabic and English versions then the original one will be chosen.
Period laws
7.1 This agreement is protected and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates Umm Al Quwain. The judicature of the United Arab Emirates specializes to revise every dispute resulting from this agreement.
8.1 The Department may modify the terms of this Agreement without prior notice.
Collective Agreement:
9.1 This collective agreement considered a wholly acceptance between the site users and the Department regarding the use of the department's site, and it canceled all previous agreements in this regard.