"Department of eGovernment is responsible for the protection of personal data and the privacy of its users, according to the following:
1.1.1 Maintain any information at the highest levels of secrecy and security collected while using Department website .
1.1.2 Department shall take necessary procedures to prevent the loss of personal information or misusing or changing it, that’s including saving these information in a safe database.
2.1 The Department may monitor and save and use personal data as follows:
2.1.1 Information about visitors and usage of the website, (including identifier address, regional location, browser type, duration of the visit, and the number of pages read).
2.1.2 All of the information recorded by the visitor filled out by his/her own will during his/her visit of the department's site.
3.1 The Department may use the personal data of the website users in the following cases:
3.1.1 Send Notifications or Information or Promotional campaigns.
3.1.2 Communicate with the user and follow-up inquiries and suggestions and complaints.
4.1 The e-Government Department will not disclose about any personal data to any party except in case of:
4.1.1 Department is requested legally.
4.1.2 If in the process of any legal procedures."