The framework of the ministry lies in the following:

  1. Developing plans, strategies, and policies in the areas of the environment, water resources, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, encountering desertification, and biodiversity conservation.
  2. Developing programs that would contribute to the sectors of environment, water, agricultural, animal, and fisheries resources to ensure food security and biosafety in the country through proper implementation of safety procedures and the prevention of epidemics and diseases.
  3. Activating environmental protectionism in the economic, and social development plans and promoting sustainable development of vital resources.
  4. Assessing and shaping the programs and means to ensure good management and conservation of water resources.
  5. Increasing the quantitative quality of agricultural, livestock, and fisheries production, and creating appropriate plans for their development.
  6. Establishing centers and laboratories for research, applied studies and scientific studies to achieve the objectives and the functions of the ministry.
  7. Proposing legislative regulations that are relevant to the terms of reference of the ministry.
  8. Representing the UAE in forums, conferences and regional, Arabic, and international meetings that are relevant to the ministry framework.
  9. Evaluating the efficiency of the applied federal legislations at the local level relevant to the terms of reference of the ministry.
  10. Implementing all the activities of agricultural and veterinary quarantine, and environmental crisis management.